Easy Magic Tricks to Perform

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Magic is a performing act that creates an illusion which seems impossible, but is made possible by the magician. Magicians do not have any specific audience as they seek to entertain everyone with their supernatural feats. In order to be a stage magician, one needs to learn and practice their illusions more than once to get it right. Learning new tricks needs research and an innovative mind. Past tricks can be redone and even modified.  To be a start up magician, here are a few tricks you can learn to perform;

By Magician London

  • Anti gravity water trick; this act entails a trick where a bottle of water seems to defy the laws of gravity. The magician is supposed to present a bottle full of water. To make the audience believe its real, little water is poured out. The bottled water is then turned upside down but none of it pours out. The trick is simple and the only material needed is a bottle and water.
  • Melting match trick; this is a trick where the magician appears to be melting two match sticks through each other. Two match sticks are removed from the match box and held out to show the spectators before the trick is done. Each match stick is held between the thumb and the first finger of each hand. The magician rubs the matches together to show the impossibility of one to pass through the other without breaking it. The illusion is visible when one match is passed through the other effortlessly.


Magic may appear to be mere tricks and illusions in the spectator’s eyes but, the acts involves a lot of practice. Getting an audience to cheer on is not very easy as a starter.

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5 Ways An Art Consultant Can Help You Succeed As An Artist

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As an artist, chances are that you are a busy person with much on your plate; touring different places, making presentations and exhibitions often, and so on so forth. Actually, an artist, like a celebrity, is a brand; you’ll need to represent yourself as you want your fans need to know you. Often, this is not an easy task and as such, the best thing is for one to hire the services an art consultant.

  1. Your image; an art consultant will often work as your image consultant. Most artists are easily identifiable due to their dressing, hairstyles, to mention but a few. Your art consultant will be responsible for ensuring that you brand yourself as a product, and maintain that image to the end.
  2. Business deals; most artists have consultants who help liaise with existing and potential clients, in search of more business deals. When you are busy practicing your skills, you need an arts consultant who is liaising on your behalf, and laying the ground work for your next show or performance.
  3. Professional advice; most art consultants have been offering their services for long; they have worked with various artists, and are thus capable of giving you invaluable professional advice.
  4. Public relations; all great artists have a public relations team, and often, it comprises of arts consultants. They help you get positive coverage in the media or on social media platforms.
  5. Investment decisions; many an artist have become famous, become rich, but upon retiring, they have nothing to show for their past glamorous life! An arts consultant will help you make wise investment decisions, advising on how to wisely spend and save whatever you earn out of your art career.


It is always recommendable to hire the services of arts consultants, if one is to make the most out of their art career.

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